Charlotte Cake

Charlotte Cake also known as the Ice Box Cake is best to keep summers at bay. A very refreshing and light dessert. It is made with ladyfingers and mousse, topped with your favorite fruits.

Charlotte is a cake which is lined with ladyfinger sponge which is easiest of all to make. Line your tray with a parchment paper and draw two circles for the base and two straight line depicting the height of your cake.

Lady Finger Biscuit
Ingredients Quantity (Gms)
Egg White 240
Sugar 200
Egg Yolk 160
Flour 150
CornFlour 50
Vanilla Extract 5
Total 905

Follow these simple steps to make Ladyfingers

  • Make a French Meringue using Egg whites and Sugar until stiff peaks
  • Add in the Egg yolks and Vanilla slowly and let it mix for a good 5 minutes
  • Mix the dry ingredients (Flour & Cornflour) by using a Spatula.
  • Pipe on Parchment Paper and sprinkle icing sugar
  • Bake at 180 C for 10 mins

Piping Directions

  • Pipe two bases using a round nozzle. Make sure that there is an inch’s gap between the two
  • Now pipe the Ladyfingers between the two lines. Be careful that the tip is in align with the rest of the ladyfingers as a crooked line would result in a crooked covering of the cake.
Mango Mousse
Ingredients Quantity (Gms)
DiraFrost Mango
Sugar 54
Cream 226
Gelatin 8
Water 32
Total 500


  • Soak the Gelatin in Cold Water and let dissolve
  • Warm the Mango Puree to dissolve the sugar
  • Cool the Puree mixture before adding the gelatin. (Warm the Gelatin before adding)
  • Whip the cream to soft peaks and fold in the puree mixture.
Mango Jelly
Ingredients Quantity
DiraFrost Mango
Sugar 40
Gelatin 10
Cold Water 50
Total 225


  • Soak the Gelatin in Cold Water and let dissolve
  • Warm Mango Puree to dissolve sugar
  • Add Gelatin to the puree and pour over the mousse
Mango Syrup
Ingredients Quantity
DiraFrost Mango
Sugar 25
Lemon Juice 20
Cold Water 50
Total 145


  • Boil all the ingredients together.
  • Let it cool down before refrigerating it.
  • Use the syrup to soak the lady finger biscuits

Assembling of Charlotte

  • Take a Cake ring and line it with Aluminium Foil.
  • Place the Cake base and line the sides with the Ladyfinger.
    (The ladyfingers should be faced outwards)
  • Soak the sponge with Mango syrup properly.
  • Fill in with the mousse and let it set for half an hour
  • Place the second base and soak with syrup
  • Again, fill it with the Mango Mousse and let it freeze
  • Prepare the Mango Jelly and pour on top and let it set.
  • Cut some fresh Mangoes for Garnish and tie a ribbon to it.
  • Voila ! Charlotte is ready to be served.


  • You can alter the mousse with different flavours. Have two flavours instead of one.
  • Add more LAYERS to it. Make it into a triple layer Charlotte cake and fill it with different flavours of mousse.